5 Kommentare zu “Warten im Winter”

  • hattie ann (2 comments) schreibt am 12. März 2012

    This photo depresses me, but that’s Ok, that is what good music and photography can do to a soul…..
    Hattie Ann

  • Max (3 comments) schreibt am 18. März 2012

    Great atmosphere!

  • Betsy Buchanan (2 comments) schreibt am 11. April 2012

    That looks cold to the bone. Hate to say it but we are enjoying wonderful spring weather here, perfectly in the 70’s!!!
    Betsy Buchanan

  • Janie Parrish (1 comments) schreibt am 9. September 2012

    I think the word „Blustery“ fits this photo to a T. Such a cold and dreary mood this photo creates. Glad I’m inside nice and warm, on the inside looking out instead of on in the outside looking in for a change!
    Janie Parrish

  • Sandra Soleil (1 comments) schreibt am 9. September 2012

    And just imagine adding snow to the picture, oh how perfectly miserable those poor people must be. It’s not a warm and fuzzy picture that’s for sure, but a great shot non the less.
    Sandra Soleil

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